The AMC decided to make environment friendly bikes and bicycles available on rent in the various parts of the city for the citizens to cover a few distance easily. The number of bicycles will be 1000 and the electric bikes will be 500. The decision regarding this facility was made months ago and it is available in the current scenerio in the different parts of the Ahmedabad city.

People who don’t own any vehicle, found it quite useful for them as it helps them to cover the short distance easily. The decision to make it available for the people was taken as a part of the National Urban Transport Policy which take cares about the transportation system of the urban areas.

Small stations of these bikes and cycles are made so that the citizen who will be renting any of them will have to leave them at the station. This project is initiated by the Smart City Ahmedabad Developement Limited. Two comapnies have collaborated to provide this facility. One which is named as MyByk, offers the bicycles and anonther one which is named as Yulu, offers the electric scooters/bikes. Best thing about these vehicels is that they are so handy and easy to use.

The one which is Yulu has an application to access its facility.

Here’s how to use Yulu

⦁ First of all, you need to download an application ‘Yulu’ that you will get on playstore or appstore.
⦁ Now, just like other vehical service providing apps, you will be getting to locate the Yulu that is available at your nearby. You will get another option of Yulu Zone around you.
⦁ Now, if you have got to the place of Yulu, you will be getting the bikes there and you need to scan a QR code to unlock the vehicle. The QR code option will be availbale there on the panel.
⦁ Now, complete your ride, make the payment and then leave the bike. They accept online payment that you can make using the app they use.

200 parking stands for this vehicle are set up across the city. Only 1000 bicycles will be provided in the first three months, said officials. Earlier, the bicycle sharing system failed to provide the success and one similar project is still running in Gandhinagar city but only few people go for this service. This project is good to keep the environment healthy and safe and this is expected that it will make a change.

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