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The cybercrime such as misappropriation of data, hacking, and all have become normal cases ever since this internet thing spread on a wide range in India.

Recently, a criminal of the cyber world put the Truecaller data of 4.75 crores Indians on sale for USD 1000 which is Rs 75000. The criminal claimed that he got sourced all these data from Truecaller which is a very widely used app to get to know about the details of an unknown number.

All this information is obtained by the online intelligence firm Cyble.

When the spokesperson of Truecaller was questioned about it, he said that his company takes care of the data and information and all these things stay secure and private. He also denied any breach and said that the Truecaller is very genuine as well as legit company and its name is credible which that cyber criminal is using to get the money.

Getting any data stamped in the name of the Truecaller is easy than it seems. Truecaller keeps monitoring for the malignant activities on the site and the company urges the users not to get in hoax as their data is secure as per the guidelines, he said.

This seems also a try to malign the image of the Truecaller.

The Cyble also got surprised by the amount that the criminal was demanding as it was a very low price for the data of that many people. USD 1000 was the demanded amount which is Rs 75000 in exchange for the data of 4.75 crore Indians. Quite surprising.

The data that he put on the sale includes contact number, mobile network, city, gender, Facebook id, etc. All these data are enough for misusing because these data are personal to a user. These data are from 2019.

Any leak of such data may lead to scam, identity theft, and many other malign activities and that’s why such information should be limited to the user to avoid such activities.

The spokesperson of the company also said that the company has information about the sale of similar data in the month of May in 2019.

The online intelligence firm Cyble also found the selling of the data of 2.9 crore Indians on the dark web and it was sourced from the job websites.

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