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In today’s world where the internet has become a prominent tool and has made things easy and handy, some people also have started misusing it for personal benefits.
The cases regarding data hacks are good in numbers but Facebook is one of the sources that is found in such cases several times and they keep upgrading themselves to retain their credibility.

The damages on the image of Facebook started with the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which Facebook lost its trustworthiness and people starting giving up using Facebook.

After this act of selling, users advised to change the password of their Facebook ID and to make sure that they haven’t resued the password from any other device.

The good that happened is that the password of the users was not available on the darknet for sale. The Facebook also enabled the two-steps authentication to ensure that any password breach doesn’t affect your data and your password privacy.

The thing that surprised a lot was the amount of money for this much data. The hackers set a price of USD 600 for the Facebook data of 267 million people which is quite mesmerizing.

The data include the name of the user, phone number, date of birth, email address, and Facebook ID and the best thing was that the password of those IDs was not available.

All these data can be easily misused as this kind of information is asked when any campaign is ran on the behalf of Facebook. The valuable data couldn’t be stolen with this information.

Facebook said that they are working on that and they had made some sort of changes in Facebook in the past few years for the protection of users’ information and these pieces of information were obtained before the changes that they had made.

As the passwords were not available, still people were advised to change the password because the hackers had the email IDs and the chances were high that they could match the password against the email address to try on the various sites.

They were also having the phone numbers that some people keep as the password of the Facebook or email IDs. The two-factor authentication was enabled so that any sort of misappropriation with the password can’t be done.

If you are a Facebook user then you must make some changes in your password once or twice a year. Well, two-factor authentication and it will give 99% protection to your account from being attacked. The two-factor authentication option is available in the settings>security login.

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