The condition in Hong Kong wasn’t well as people were protesting against the government and law. The top-level legislative body has unanimously passed a national security law for Hong Kong which is a kind of controversial move that could be found as an effective problematic situation and that too could increase the tension between China and other western countries who excoriated the law.

This law might set up the legal framework to prevent terrorism, separatism, and foreign interface. A similar attempt was done in 2003 by Hong Kong to satisfy legislation under Article 23 couldn’t succeed after a demonstration in mass during the British rule.

Also, the local colonial government attempted to pass security legislation that China had blocked. The 2003 and 2020, both the attempts at legislation happened during the SARS and Covid-19 outbreaks respectively.

The text of this law drew strong attention from the international community that included provisions to accept more Hong Kong migrants in the UK, US, Australia, and Taiwan. The law also directed the attention for its Article 38.

The local Hong Kong media, television stations, city’s public broadcaster, news channels, and the newspaper including Wei Wen Po and Ta Kung Pao which are known as the two pro-Beijing outlets which signal Chinese’s official policy, reported the news for the first time regarding this law.
After a few hours of the passing of this law, Xinhua which is the official Chinese news agency reported that President Xi Jinping already signed the measures into this law, said Xinhua.

It will be incorporated into the basic law of Hong Kong, the mini-constitution of the city, and become effective Wednesday which is the date of the anniversary of Hong Kong in 1997 handover from British to China.
The security law of Hong Kong was angry as the Xi Jinping signs the legislation. A democratic group said that it was now ceasing all the operations.

Demosisto announced the move on Facebook and said he was going to leave the group that he had spearhead after Joshua Wong who is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent activists.

Demosisto said that several members asked to be eliminated and that’s why it was decided to dissolve and end all the meetings. It also said that the fight will have to be continued in a more flexible way against the “totalitarian oppression”.

Joshua Wong have said that this law imposed the end of Hong Kong that was known before by the world.

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