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The dark web is famous for black marketing and now it has gone so far which might be hazardous for mankind.

We all know that the world is suffering from coronavirus and we get coronavirus latest news probably every day. The cases of Covid-19 are increasing day by day all over the world and the scientists and researchers are putting continuous efforts to find the vaccination of Covid-19.

As the COVID is a pandemic and life-threatening disease, some people are trying to take advantage of it through the dark web.

In recent days, it is found that some cybercriminals are selling the blood and blood plasma of the patients who got recovered from Coronavirus disease. They consider it as a ‘miracle cure’ of coronavirus even though it is still being tested and authority has approved some institution to treat the patients of Covid-19.

The report says that the Maharastra cyber police received the screenshots of the dark web listings and has started the investigation on that.

The cybercriminals are listing the websites of the sellers who are selling these blood plasma from many developed countries.

The COVID-19 virus has raised the demand for masks, N-95 masks, drugs, and many other essentials that are very important during the coronavirus pandemic to stay away from the impact. All the transactions that are done during this whole selling process are through crypto-assets.

It is also found that the vendors are also selling other drugs and medicines for abuses and stolen things such as hacking tools and credit cards.

Ever since this Coronavirus came, they have started exploiting the opportunities by doing black marketing which should not be done because some of these things are ultimately proven to be life-threatening.

The Covid-19 latest news keeps showing that the vaccination formation is under process and always informs about the precautions that must be taken to stop the impact of this Covid-19 disease. Along with that, the Coronavirus latest news also shows the number of active cases, deaths, and recoveries.

So if all these things are going on and no vaccination and the proven test have come to play then people are not supposed to take any action as it may risk their life.

The things that are being sold on the dark web have a very higher risk and the price of those things is very high that barely anyone can afford to purchase them. Also, it’s a crime that is not supposed to be done.

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