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TikTok which is a very famous app for making short videos which are also known as the TikTok videos is banned by the government of India along with 58 other apps that belong to China.

India and China are having some disputes against each other on the border area which also creates a kind of breach in the relations between both the countries.

For the last few days, the discussion Chinese famous app TikTok which is owned by ByteDance was trending on Twitter as it was found in some controversy.

TikTok was alleged for mishandling the data and their misappropriations which was surely not a good move because there was a huge audience of TikTok in India and if their data is leaked or mishandled, that might not be good for them and the country.

A beta version of Apple’s iOS 14 caught that the app accesses the clipboard of the users who have an account on that. This thing was not noticed before as everyone considered it as an app for fun.

This was one of the reasons that can be considered as to why TikTok got banned in India because India is already having disputes against China as the Chinese army is trying to acquire the land that is under the jurisdiction of India.

It is also found that a group of people who is anonymous has been mounting a fierce campaign against TikTok for the past few weeks.

The group also urges to delete the TikTok and if anybody in your known is using it they stop them because this app collects the information and data and it is run by the Chinese government which is spying under any operation.

The account is linked to a post that was done on Reddit by an engineer who had done the reverse engineering of TikTok to find any abuse regarding the privacy as well as security. Though these allegations have not been confirmed yet and when the guy approached the TikTok, they didn’t respond.

The anonymous guy also posted a month ago against the Minneapolis Police for the killing of George Floyd. That time, there was a video on Facebook that was threatening to “expose the many crimes” unless the officers held in the account who was responsible for that.

Various stories arrived ever since the DDoS attacked police service websites and the collections of their data. As the hacking of the data is concerned, TikTok is also alleged for that and that’s why it came to a position of misappropriation of data.

A call has gone out to the hacking communities who possess the same ability to hack the apps to get the complete information about that.

The U.S. government is supposed to warn its country people to stop using this app or if any action is needed against it, that must be taken just like the Indian government who banned the TikTok along with 58 other apps.

It will also stop the income of China that it earns from the uses of this app from the other countries. Well, it is not the main reason, the main reason is that nobody wants their data and information to be misused or being at risk of misuse.

This needs to be stopped as the growth of TikTok gets higher and higher which means the risk is getting higher. Give it a stop.

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